Polo Shirts are sophisticated thing that can emphasize the favorable side of the figure and hide flaws. Buying such a thing, it must first be measured.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

Polo T-shirt a handy thing for every summer day. A variety of colors and materials allow even the most scrupulous mod feel confident in any situation. Superb finish, as well as a bright pattern accentuates individuality. But what model to choose to remain in the spotlight?

 Choose a T-shirt

 The very first thing you need to pay attention when choosing a Polo T-shirt is its style. The correct style will help to hide figure flaws, emphasizing the beneficial virtues. For example, the correct cut shirts can visually make a more complete man tall and slender, and lean on the contrary more inflated and sports.

The right style
This summer is at the height of fashion for men tight T-shirt with a narrow collar. Many men prefer items such as the desire to emphasize their athletic shoulders and chest. However, despite the manliness of this type of items, T-shirts looks quite great.

For the guys who are not as athletic, full or thin is better to choose loose male T-shirt. Thanks to the free cut, well-fed man would seem slim, but too thin denser. Shirt in this case only emphasizes all the flaws as bad as full men. Products must also be a suitable length.


Hue shirts should be fully in harmony with the other colors of clothing. And not necessarily completely matched shades. Men’s T-shirt white fit perfectly as black jeans and white pants. Maroon-fitting polo shirt will look great with wide white shorts and dark gray breeches of velvet.

The color must be chosen strictly according to the figure. Slender athletic men can afford to white and cream-colored tight-fitting T-shirt. Black and gray color to help in hides the beer belly and other bodily defects. This season, bright colors are relevant, in particular:

  • Blue-gray;
  • Dark light green;
  • Rich yellow men’s shirts.

Blue color will suit a high blue-eyed brown-haired, emphasize the dreamy nature. Bright yellow shades will look great on tanned, brunette. Light green tone is best suited for men with blond and brown hair.

The person with a bright T-shirts will not go unnoticed. Psychologists say that bright colors emphasize sexy clothes and attracting the attention of the opposite sex.

Accessories and finishing

Massive buttons and finishing of leather and mounted pockets trend this summer. Large metal buttons emphasize the brutality of the owner of T-shirts. Men’s T-shirts with dark leather trim make from ordinary backyard Man, brave hunter and hinged hood and pockets glamorous rapper.

The main thing is to create an image was appropriate and consistent with the status of the man and his age. Finishing shirts can also hide figure flaws. Obese men need to choose T-shirts with vertical trim. Guys with a slender figure can pick up shirts as dark as well as bright finish.

Patterns and figures

Patterns, inscriptions and drawings give the holder shirts individuality and emphasize his style. For many years out of fashion do not go:

  • Large cell;
  • Massive inscriptions;
  • Prints with portraits and landscapes;


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